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Welcome Victorious People,

Proud to welcome you to Folklore Secrets Mentoring Community.

My name is Susana Mallea and I created Folklore Secrets Mentoring for all of you

to give you guidance on  Health in your Body, Mind and Spirit, overcoming life challenges.

Folklore Secrets Wisdom will help you to see more of the world than your eyes can meet!

As a Nutritionist, Phytotherapist, Pharmacologist and Fitness Mentor, and as an Intuitive empath

gifted with Clairsentience (feeling) and Claircognizance (knowing)

I will help you to discover your own unique needs in your Health,

 and create a satisfying, happy lifestyle.

I invite you to watch and enjoy my Nutrition video information. 

You deserve a lifetime of good Health.      

Folklore Secrets, my own healthy lifestyle, has the principal cornerstone

that is Healthy Balanced Nutrition, which is very different from conventional nutrition education.

Join me in my Mentoring and let me show you how these areas of knowledge

comes together to make your Own Special Customized Plan.

Folklore Secrets Mentoring is for those who are conscious, know what they want, curious and with open mind. 

Take this important step today and Unlock the deep desire to live a Healthy and vibrant life.

VIP Mentoring

You are invited to have a completely Customized Mentoring Plan that works for you, best for your goals and time-frame.

*Hourly $170CAD

Personal Mentoring

*Hourly $130CAD

Couples Mentoring

*Hourly $230CAD

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