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1. How does my blood test result help with my food and diet choices?

It's very important to know the information of your own blood test because it is what “Makes you Unique”.

Your Blood Test and the information in it is unique to you, it contains all you need to know to have a healthy body and a healthy mindset. Your blood has the power to show what you are lacking in your body.


Plus your Blood Type results have the power to show the strengths and weaknesses that come from the genes of generations before you.

It guides your Health in body and mind.

And of course, this information builds your own Customized Nutrition and your Customized Herbal  Treatment.

2. How will I know that Folklore Secrets Mentoring is working for me?

Folklore Secrets is You, You Are Your Own Self Product!

 * It's Your Blood Test Results.

 * It's Your Customized Nutrition.

 * It's Your Customized Herbal Treatment.

 * The rhythm of the moon in you. 

This knowledge will help you in difference areas of  your life,

and for your entire life.


Having the knowledge of Folklore Medicine and Folklore Wisdom

gives to every person the opportunity to have health and beauty

 in your body and mind, and  the opportunity to know your spirit.


It all starts with the consciousness to wanted to live steps further from where you are now.

3. Is Traditional Medicine safe if it is not science based?

Yes, Traditional/Folklore Medicine is safe. 

As a Phytotherapist, I studied and researched the use of roots, stem, leaves and flower extracts of natural origin as medicines

for promoting health.

Also, we have Pharmacognosy science, which studies the physical, chemical, biochemical, and biological properties of drugs substances from natural origin. 

And I should say that Folklore Medicine includes: Homeopathy, Music Therapy, Reiki, Fitness, Acupuncture, Massage therapy,


I know God created all the Creation to enjoy it and to help us to live life to the fullest, and the nature and rhythms of the moon

are two of the many tools He gave us. 

4. How did you become knowledgeable about the effects of the moon?  

Everything started when I went to live with my loving christians grandparents mi mama Sofia, mi papa Santiago. My grandma (it's her lovely pic when she was 18 years old) was a very wise and gorgeous woman, was the person

to introduce me to Folklore/Traditional Medicine and

Folklore Wisdom. And, the knowledge of the moon

started when I found her Beauty Secrets to keep

her natural beauty, her skin, hair, teeth, etc. 

From there, I was willing to go deeply to find, study

and enjoy this moon knowledge.

Her passion for all these knowledge opened my eyes

and made me curious to learn how she chose the

specific ingredients to prepare our food, medicine,

creams, using roots, stems, leaves and flowers.

Also, thank you to my grandpa because he gave me

the opportunity to explore his amazing books during

my teen years. I was fascinated how old the books

were and the wisdom they had about life, Christianity, psychology, spirituality, etc. It was a wonderful adventure

for me. And now, I have more than 20 years embodying these knowledge.

My Folklore Secrets Mentoring is a lifestyle, it’s about embodying the knowledge.

5. What are the differences between your Mentoring and Consulting services?
  • In my Mentoring I give you all the Knowledge and Secrets that I learned and that I embody until now. 

I give you Guidance on life about Health of Body ,Mind, Spirit, Beauty, Prosperity, Different type of Relationships, Couple Relationships.

All these are based on the Knowledge of Folklore Medicine, Folklore Wisdom, Customized Herbal Treatments, Customized Nutrition, Blood Test Results, Spirituality, and the rhythms of the moon. 

The Blood test results within the last 6 months is required.


For my Folklore Secrets Mentoring the main requirement is to be Conscious and know What you want in life.

Remember that life is an adventure journey and you have the free will to decide what path to choose. 

All is possible, everything starts with a seed, with a dream.

As the saying goes, “Nothing is written in stone” .


  • My Consulting service is open to people who want help in a specific situation, 'just in the right now present". 

Challenging situations in Body, Mind and Spirit. 


  • My Folklore Nutrition Program is for people who want to detox their bodies, lose weight, gain weight or build muscle.

6. How do I book a session with you?

    It’s very simple.

    * On either my Mentoring page or Consulting page,

       Click on the Book Now button. 

    * This will take you to a short Booking Form.

      Complete your information there and

      Click on the Purchase button and proceed to pay. 


     If you have questions before booking,

     please Contact me through my Contact page.

7. How do I pay for my session?

Click the Book Now button and then the Purchase button

will take you to PayPal. 

You can pay via your PayPal account or by Credit Card or

Debit Card. You do not need to have a PayPal account.

8. How do we connect for my mentoring / consulting session?
  • When I receive your booking for VIP Mentoring, you will receive a confirmation. I will email you my "Folklore Secrets Introduction Questionnaire"  and the time convenient to start your Mentoring. I will send you an invitation for our online Zoom session. Remember that this will be based on what works for you and best for your personal goals time frame. 

  • On the Mentoring and Consulting, you will receive a confirmation and within 24 hours I will email you some time options

for our session. Once you advise a convenient time slot, I will send you an invitation for our online Zoom session.

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