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We know that Folklore or Traditional Medicine is not science based, but what I know is that it really works, believe it, it works.


This wonderful knowledge is very well known as Folklore Herbal Treatments, Wisdom, Beliefs and Methods used in past generations and past cultures.  


This knowledge I learned from my grandmother when I was a teenager, and I have her testimony and I have the testimony of her generations before her. People called those with knowledge of Folklore Secrets, “persons that have healing powers” but the truth is that everyone has the opportunity to learn and enjoy this beautiful knowledge. 


Folklore Medicine has been used until now to Prevent and Cure diseases, Promote Emotional and Physical Well Being and give the opportunity to every person to harmonize with nature and with all creation.


Folklore Secrets combines science with natural medicine. Folklore Secrets is my own Healthy Lifestyle that I’m Mentoring. It is based in my knowledge on Folklore Medicine and Folklore Wisdom, my studies, my own experiences, my research and experiences of my clients. 

Folklore Secrets is dedicated to bring you the Traditional Natural Medicine and the Intuitive Knowledge to give you the Guidance to have and to maintain your Health and Beauty in Body, Mind and Spirit. 

Folklore Secrets is based on:
  • Blood Test Results

  • Customized Nutrition

  • Customized Herbal Treatments

  • The moon rhythms 

And also, on my Mentoring I want to give you the Guidance of Subconscious Wellbeing.

It is Folklore Wisdom knowledge where you will :

  • Know Yourself deeply

  • Listen to your inner-self without misunderstanding

  • Be free from your own fears 

  • Be free from your own negative patterns  

  • Be free from other people's patterns 

And the Wonders become reality. YOU:
  • Unlock the Potential and Abundance in Your inner self. 

  • Declare Victory in your life, in all areas in Your life!

You Will Learn
Folklore Nutrition
  • Your Own Customized Nutrition

  • Your Own Blood needs – Type, Minerals,   Vitamins, Hormones, Insulin, etc   

  • Your Own Customized Herbal Treatment

  • The moon rhythm in Yourself 

Subconscious Wellbeing
  • Based in Psycho-Wellbeing

  • Your Blood Test Results

  • The moon rhythm in Yourself 

Your Customized Fitness Plan
  • Lose Weight without stress

  • Gain Weight without stress

  • Tone Muscle  

VIP Mentoring

You are invited to have a completely Customized Mentoring Plan that works for you, best for your goals and time-frame.

*Hourly $300CAD

Personal Mentoring

*Hourly $280CAD

Couples Mentoring

*Hourly $500CAD

I respect the right of my clients to choose to share their testimonials, and their full names. 

It's my duty to protect their privacy based on the personal and sensitive work I do.
Kelly H. 

Ontario, Canada

Susana provided me with excellent guidance, with special secret teas for detox, and advice to best balance my nutrition and lifestyle. She played a big part in my 20lb weight loss! Very happy.

Elizabeth MacCorquodale

Hertfordshire, UK

I'm in my forties and I'm full of gratitude for my total life change experience. This mentoring brought me health and I'm finding my inner peace. 

Thank you very much Susana.

Eugenia Falconi

Lima, Perú

Susana es mágica y real. Este conocimiento que ella enseña me ayuda mucho! Yo realmente creo que esto trabaja en la habilidad de reestructurar como yo veo la vida ahora. Muchísimas gracias Susana.

* Susana is magical and real. This knowledge that she teaches helps me so much! I truly think that it works on the ability to restructure how I see and live life now. Thank you very much Susana.

Enrique U.

Arequipa, Perú

Yo soy mayor de edad. Desde joven busqué una forma de vida saludable. Años atrás encontré la ayuda de Susana y gracias a su guía sigo aprendiendo el uso correcto de la medicina natural, lo cual es lo mejor para mi salud. Mil gracias.

* I'm an older person. When I was younger I was always interested in finding a way to live a healthy life. I found Susana’s help years ago and thanks to her guidance I'm continuing to learn the correct use of natural medicine which is the best for my health. Very thankful.

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