VIP Coaching Programs

"Invest wisely in your health .

  Real wealth is being healthy."


Here are the 3 VIP Coaching Programs for women & men:

Nutrition & Life Wellness Coaching Programs :

I) Healthy and Slim :  3 Months

 Nutrition & Life Wellness Coaching

* Nutrition Interview 

* Nutrition History 

* Nutrition Analysis 

* Detox 

* Herbal Treatment

* Diet Plan

* Nutrition Plan

* Analysis of Minerals and Vitamins Support 

* 4 Hours Progress Monitoring Nutrition  

* Fitness Program and Support

* 3 hours Life Wellness Consulting

* Available by phone or email if you need assistance    

II) Healthy and Toned : 6 Months 

Nutrition & Life Wellness Coaching 

* Include - Healthy and Slim Program.  

* Plus 3 hrs Progress Monitoring Nutrition ( 7 hrs total )

* Plus 3 hrs Life Wellness Consulting ( 6 hrs total )

* Geo-therapy Beauty Treatments ( Face & Body )

* Natural Beauty Skin Care

* Peruvian Traditional : Beauty Programs 

* Healthy Lifestyle

* VIP Half - day with Susana Mallea

III) My Total Best : 12 Months 

Nutrition & Life Wellness Coaching 

* Include - Healthy and Toned Program. 

* Plus 6 hrs Progress Monitoring Nutrition ( 13 hrs total )

* Plus 6 hrs Life Wellness Consulting ( 12 hrs total )

* Plus Peruvian Traditional : Medicine Programs 

* Aquarobic

* Fashion Lifestyle 

* VIP 1 day with Susana Mallea​

"Dear friend, 

Love your Weight!

In the context of medicine, health or physical fitness, weight loss refers to a reduction of total body fat or adipose tissue, and or lean mass, namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon and other connective tissue.


Why should you lose weight? You will :

1.      Have glowing skin

2.      Better health 

3.      Improved memory

4.      Good sleep

5.      Better mood

6.      Arthritis relief, and less asthma and allergy problems. 


Always remember that good nutrition is an important part of maintaining a healthy body weight. I believe in a healthy lifestyle that includes a balance of healthy eating and physical exercise to balance energy intake with energy expenditure. 
Before you start any weight loss program, a body cleanse is important as it prepares the body. And you will have the added benefit of feeling much more energetic. In addition, you can enjoy seasonal foods and boost your immune system. 

With love and care."


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