"A proper cleanse should be done in 12 to 15 days, depending on your nutrition history."

Premium Consulting Packages 

Here are the 3 Premium Consulting Packages for women & men:

Nutrition and Life Wellness Consulting 

I) Gold - Nutrition Consulting Package  :  Monthly Rate 

* 1 hour Nutritional Interview 

* Nutrition Analysis 

* Diet Plan

* Herbal Treatment 

* 1 hour Nutrition Monitoring

* Fitness Consulting and Support 

* 1 hour Nutrition Consulting

* 2 hours Life Wellness Consulting 

II) Silver - Life Wellness Consulting Package : Monthly Rate

* 5 Hours Life Wellness Consulting

* Nutrition Support 

* Analysis of Minerals and Vitamins Support 

III) Bronze -  "Special Event" Package  :  2 weeks 

* Diet Plan

* Herbal treatment 

* Fitness Consulting

"Love your Liver my friend.

Most of us know that the liver is responsible for processing toxins in the body. So of course we want to keep our liver working at its best so liver disease does not become a problem for you.

Liver disease has many symptoms:

​1. Nausea

2. Vomiting

3. Fatigue

4. Yellowing of skin and eyes

5. Swollen abdomen.

Sometimes poor nutrition or a less than healthy lifestyle can be very bad for our health.

When this happens, a liver cleanse becomes necessary. A proper cleanse can't be done in 3 days. It will take 12 or 15 days, depending on your nutrition history. This process will leave your liver functioning more healthy and the way you need it.

The liver cleanse will:

1. Increase your energy

2. Retone your whole body

3. Prepare your body for weight loss

4. Reduce or eliminate liver stones

5. Improve your look and make you feel younger.

In addition, you will need a list of liver cleanse foods.

I encourage you to keep your liver healthy!.

All the best for you."


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